In the design studio, Embodied Public Spaces, the students from RMIT Melbourne and TU Berlin developed participatory scenarios in order to expand the field of interior design into the urban interior of the city.

The multifarious relationships we share with our urban environments are continuously reshaped and transformed through everyday life experiences. We experience, and we experiment in contact with a world in flux. Design students in our studio engaged with the city as an experimental laboratory, in which they could reframe and extend everyday experience through playful interactions.  Through their explorative occupations of public space students extended both their individual and collective experiences of the city by engaging with the urban fabric, and by stimulating responses from other users, occupants and passers-by. We asked students to interact with public space in real time. This approach can be called active design research at scale 1:1.

An Urban Interior {UI} design studio lead by Rochus Urban Hinkel (Urban Interior) and Hélène Frichot (Architecture and Philosophy) in collaboration with FH Wismar, Professor Valentin Rothmaler; TU Berlin, ADIP, Birgit Klauck; and Gabi Schillig, UdK Berlin, University of Arts.


Chalk diagrams of personal tours through the urban context of TU Berlin, photo: R.U. Hinkel

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